Tenant Tour – The Allegheny Wine Mixer Inc.

Have you been to the coolest wine bar in Pittsburgh? Our #tenanttourtook us to The Allegheny Wine Mixer Inc, a relaxed and fun environment where you can try a wide selection of wine, cocktails, and beer. Allegheny Wine Mixer has been open for about 5 years, and has become a prominent presence in Upper Lawrenceville. “We’re a neighborhoody type bar. We try to have a little bit of something for everybody, and we try to keep the pricing competitive,” says Jamie Patten, owner of Allegheny Wine Mixer, and a certified sommelier.


After years of working in wine, Jamie decided to set up her own wine bar with an aesthetic character all its own. Featuring a gorgeous granite bar top and carefully placed Step Brothers references, the Allegheny Wine Mixer has received critical acclaim, with Pittsburgh Magazine calling it “The Best Bar in Pittsburgh Right Now.”

Over five years when Jamie was looking for a place to set up shop, she started by talking to the Lawrenceville Corp, who then referred them to Joe Edelstein of Wylie Holdings. He started showing us the places he had, never quite finding the right space. Then, he mentioned, “Well, I have this one other space,” she recalls. “He brought me here, and I looked in through the window and loved it. This was just a big empty brick room.” Then, she went to work transforming the space. “We had a really specific concept, a very specific idea of what we wanted.” Surely, this kind of vision is how you end up with the city’s best bar, and one of our best tenants.

When asked what she would tell other potential commercial tenants, she immediately offered an endorsement for the Wylie maintenance staff. “They have a great repair team. I talk about them all the time. They respond immediately.”

So, the next time you and your best friend want to bunk beds and drink wine, hop over to Allegheny Wine Mixer instead. They have more room for activities.