Tenant Tour – Roundabout Brewery

This week’s #tenanttour took us to Roundabout Brewery, home to some of the best craft beer you will ever taste. Owned by Steve and Dyana Sloan, these two bring a life’s worth of experience in different breweries to their own operation — Steve is a nationally recognized brewer and was awarded “Large Brewpub Brewer of the Year” at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival.

They first moved to the Pittsburgh area in 2006, living in nearby Stanton Heights for a few years. They loved the area, and Butler St. in particular caught their attention. “It was close to downtown and close to other neighborhoods — we saw the potential way back then,” Steve recalled.


After a few years in California they returned to Pittsburgh, and Lawrenceville was already transforming. After scouring Lawrenceville and surrounding neighborhoods for a place to set up their own shop, Wylie Holdings helped them find a space that was just right at 4901 Butler St. “Joe originally showed us the place next door, but then this space became open,” said Steve. “This space was perfect for what we needed. Tasting room in the front, brewing in the back,” Dyana added.

Steve and Dyana attribute some of their success to the Lawrenceville neighborhood. “We’re excited to be here, we’re excited to be in Pittsburgh in general. We have a very diverse community. A lot of regulars, but a lot of new people too.” Their customer loyalty has been so strong, they make sure to frequently offer new brews. “We’re always changing, but we’re always bringing things back,” he added.

You can find out more about Roundabout Brewery and what they have on tap at RoundaboutBeer.com and @RoundaboutBrew on Twitter.