Handyman Specials

Are you a handy person?handyman

Do you like getting your hands dirty?

If you want to take a shot at doing what we do, then the properties listed below are for you!

Go ahead, paint, rip up the carpet, sand the floors, add tile, and change the light fixtures. All we ask is that you use your imagination!

In case you were wondering, all of the properties listed below are habitable and the mechanicals are all in good, working order. These spaces just need a creative mind and a little elbow grease…

How it Works:

  • We do not allow tenants to make major mechanical/utility service changes, roofing or structural improvements.
  • Tenants are given the option to renew their lease for a second year without an increase in their rental rate.
  • We do not reimburse tenants for any materials or other improvements made to the property.

Keep an eye out for new listings here!