What Does Lawrenceville Need?

Lawrenceville is a great neighborhood, and one of our favorites in the city. But, every area has it’s wish list of businesses and attractions. For example, we think Lawrenceville could use a dry cleaner or tailor shop, a great ice cream place and more walkways to give access to the riverfront. Add a bagel shop, prepared food market and a better full service grocery store and we’d never leave!

The Lawrenceville Corporation is a local organization whose mission is “to act as a catalyst and conduit for reinvestment in the Lawrenceville community.”  They have a few wish list items of their own such as:

  • A diverse community that embraces a wide variety of newcomers and long-time residents.
  • A thriving and competitive business district that attracts customers from around the region.
  • A safe, healthy and clean community.
  • An attractive neighborhood full of amenities including shopping, restaurants, green space, parks and recreational facilities.

We want to hear from you! What businesses or amenities do you think are needed to improve our neighborhood and achieve the Lawrenceville Corporation’s vision? Leave your comment below or tell us on Facebook.